Frequently Asked Questions

  • We operate from two locations in South London (Stockwell, SW4 6QG and Carshalton, SM5 2BG) Collection of items will need to be from one of these locations. In general we will also happily give you a quote for postage/delivery for suitable items. Some items due to weight/size will need collection from a set location (usually Carshalton) or delivery by ourselves (mainly because we will usually be cheaper and safer than a courier)

  • Unfortunately we don't have the capacity to do in person viewings- however if your query is very specific we can arrange for a video call for closer inspection.

  • Absolutely, drop us a message via the site. We're updating catalogue entries all the time with some of the info that has been requested previously, but we're always happy to add to the information.

  • As we have photographed and edited ourselves (and we're not professional photographers!!) some of the silverware looks gold and glassware looks silver..  Some of the silverware isn't maintained with a high polish because of reflection issues - and some is quite old. If you have queries about the final finish of an item, please do ask.