Musings from the props cupboard...

Anecdotes from our time working in theatre; advice about sourcing certain props; or chats with prop makers

13th February 2024

Jekyll and Hyde Props

We are starting to compile packages for various Musicals and Plays. As we complete each one we will showcase them here.  Our first one is for the Frank Wildhorn and Leslie Bricusse production ...
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2nd January 2024

At The Dressing Table Every Woman Can Be An Artist

There’s obviously a bit of a crossover here with our JEWELLERY/ ACCESSORIES / PERSONALS collection, but we did want to group together a rather nice line up of vintage perfume sprays, trinket dishe ...
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12th December 2023

We Could Light The Candle

We have a range of candelabras and candle sticks, and various of these group together style-wise, so please do ask if you are looking for a job lot for a larger space. The majority of ours are rep ...
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7th December 2023

Working 9-5, What A Way to Make A Living

As people have been working for a living in pretty much every period of time and not just necessarily in offices, our range of items here is equally diverse (and we’re still cataloguing)- and ther ...
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5th December 2023

The Objects Of Our Affections

Apparently what people put on their shelves for display (IRL as well as for zoom background purposes) is deeply revealing of their self. (Tamsin read an article on the Guardian about this, so must ...
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30th November 2023

A Hurricane Of Jacarandas

It may just be us, but we’re rather mourning the departure of Wilko from high streets near us in respect of good quality artificial flowers and foliage. But The little props store is standing by w ...
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28th November 2023

We Want The Company Impressed

Obviously a living room or a drawing room can vary massively in terms of contents according to period and what people are doing in them. In this collection we’ve included some rather lovely tea re ...
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23rd November 2023

Hanging On The Telephone

So apparently there was a time when not everyone had a smartphone… We’ve hung onto what seems like a ludicrous amount of mobiles, as well as some quite authentic period telephony. Some of our mobi ...
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21st November 2023

The Flatware's Entertaining

In developing catalogue sections for this website we spent some time working out criteria, and we sort of came back to the spaces in which you were most likely to find things – so what you might f ...
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14th November 2023

Bling Things

We've quite a lot of jewellery in the catalogue, much of which is intended for dressing  (padding out jewellry boxes) rather than personal's design-- though obviously if you have designers wh ...
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9th November 2023

Food For Thought.....!

We have some really great replica food stuffs in the catalogue which we have consolidated into platters and groups- on the basis that it  seems most unlikely that ANYONE will want to hire one ...
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7th November 2023

Challenges Of Silverware

A lot of the silverware (well EPNS but who's counting) we retain will not come out to you highly polished. This isn't just because we are lazy (well, Tamsin is) for the most part it's because high ...
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