Jekyll and Hyde - The Musical

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Jekyll and Hyde is a musical that can challenge many a props department with the requirements for a Laboratory and many a gruesome death. 

We have numerous props that can work for this production - a list of which can be accessed via this link here - Jekyll and Hyde Props List.

If you are interested in a complete props package for your production of Jekyll and Hyde please get in touch and we will give you a bespoke quote.

Please note that these props lists are based on our working lists from productions we have been involved in. They are by no means official, comprehensive or fixed requirements.

Blow operated LED 'gas' lamp

Quantity: 1 Blow operated to create a lifelike flame effect on stage, dial on side can dim the light. Charges ...

Bunsen Burner

Quantity: 2 15.5cm height

Coupe Champagne Glasses

Quantity: 11

Dip Pen

Quantity: 1