Hiring from us


The Little Props Store web catalogue details our unit prices which are based on a week or part week hire. (from our perspective 2 days hire means the same workload as a week, processing wise) 

These prices are based on a percentage of a fixed  notional replacement value for the item. (10%) This is set with a range of factors in mind- value of replacement, speed of acquisition, any bespoke work required on a basic object to render it equivalent, impact of unrecoverable loss (eg a set of four becomes a set of three which changes its value).

We’re setting our minimum hire fee at £10 per week- if you want to hire one item for a week, but the week’s hire fee for it is less than that, you will be charged £10 regardless. This minimum hire does not include delivery/collection fees.

Our experience of hiring props/dressing is often you can find the perfect item online or in a store, but only after checking in person does it become apparent that the costs completely knacker your budget. We wanted to make sure that there was a solid frame of reference available up front to assist with selecting items of interest without unpleasant surprises costs wise. That said, if you’re really constrained by budget and the catalogue total from the web order needs a spot of compromise to be able to work for you, please add this with the notes on the order request.

We have deliberately kept unit prices as low as possible, with a low minimum hire.

A lot of the companies we work with are looking at a week’s hire for a show, but want to be able to collect on a Friday (before a weekend get in ) and return the Monday after the next (get out on the following weekend after the Saturday night show). This used to be known as a theatrical hire, and we are happy to continue this- but it only applies to Friday pick ups and Monday returns.


Our stock is located across two sites in south London. If you wish to collect in person and manage your own transportation, part of the booking confirmation process will need to confirm the address from which you wish to collect and the time frames for this. If you wish to collect on a weekend there will be a £5 surcharge.

We can offer collection from Carshalton (SM5 2BG) or collection from Stockwell (SW4 6QG). Please note that if you require items within 24 hrs/on the day we will need to advise where they are for collection purposes, and it is more likely we will need to deliver directly. Please note both sites are in the ULEZ zone, and we are not responsible for those fees, or your van hire... Some items due to size/weight are only available for collection from one location (usually Carshalton). 

We are also very willing in some cases to organize delivery and collection directly- either personally or by postal services. Some of the companies we work with identify mid technical rehearsal that something extra is needed- but their stage management are pretty busy at that point. In some cases it’s going to be quicker and cheaper for you (and for us) to jump onto the tube/into the car to deliver an item. Any third party delivery costs required to supply will be notified to you on the confirmation email at cost.

Obviously there are cut offs time wise in respect of next day services via couriers, and we will only confirm and order, delivery and costs when we are confident it will get there safely in your time frame.

Similarly, in some cases, a commercial courier firm or general postage of items will not be possible, especially with larger or fragile items, or where time is a factor. Some items cannot be posted or couriered with confidence. Where items need to be supplied  by us in person, we will identify this as a specific cost on the order confirmation. 

A lot of the time we’re working with companies who have a lorry trundling around for a day to do all the pick ups for a show- and anything we send out will be packaged accordingly for this method (boxes/crates/bags/bubblewrap) but the hire assumes they can be safely transported in your vehicle. We’re hiring on the basis that the packaging is repeated when you send it back to us- including bubble wrap (which we re-use)- to ensure there’s no damage in transit. We will need to charge you if there is damage in your transit, or if there are missing/damaged elements of the packaging (a crate returned without a lid).